CSEA Local 848 Schoharie County

Welcome to CSEA Local 848

County Unit


Schoharie County Unit 8550-00

Representing members from all departments except Sheriff Department


Elected Officers

President Richard Cain

Vice President John Knoebel

Treasurer Amy Wayman

Secretary Katie Goodreau


Membership Teams

Negotiating Team includes the Elected Officers

Grievance/Discipline Team includes the Elected Officers and Kim Euler

Appointed Positions

     Shop Steward - Amanda Cain



Reallocation Committee 2019

3 positions were considered for reallocation - 2 were recommended for reallocation, and 1 was recommended for reclassification or reassignment of duties.  1 additional position was diverted to reclassification procedures prior to committee.

Board Meeting and Committee Protests

Please use your 'contract now' signs in your vehicles and at County, Committee, and Town board meetings.

Contract Vote

Contract Vote took place on 6/12/2019 and was defeated, 130-98, 250 eligible voters with 228 votes cast.

Member Signup

Membership applications are available from the Union Officers, or you can signup at the top of the CSEA Home page.


Upcoming Training - Please let an Officer know if you are going to attend so that we may keep track and approve reimbursement for travel.  You may register by calling CSEA Capital Region at (518) 782-4400 or (800) 874-7344 


 *  For workshops in the Plattsburgh Satellite Office, please call the CSEA  Plattsburgh Satellite Office at (518) 563-0761 to register.


Negotiating Team

At the executive board meeting on 6/17/2019, we voted to disband the current negotiating team.  Please thank them for all their hard work and commitment to this union.  At our executive board meeting in August, we will appoint 5 new members to the negotiating team.  If you would like to volunteer your time on the negotiating team, please send your name in by contacting one of the officers, or by private message on FB.